Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunsets, smiles, and sand

Living on the west coast of Florida allows for some pretty awesome artwork. Of course being on the beach makes it all that more beautiful...and peaceful. We went down to this place that apparently is known for it's sunsets (great bar and singing too)....they even have their own web cam that you can watch the sunsets no matter where you are The Mucky Duck - A Neighborhood Tradition Since 1976 - Java Applet Viewer.....or watch a man in his speedo during the day ;)

It's so beautiful that the background looks fake! It was kinda overcast and rained on us off and on the whole weekend but it was still so incredibly peaceful. It was a great soul cleansing and brain freeing vacation! I could really just breathe a lot better afterwards....really cool, we even got to watch a wedding on the beach on Saturday...it always make me smile to see someone at the start of their new life together, smile for their innocence and for their hope in the future, smile at all that lies ahead for them, for all the happiness and all the turmoil that is written out, hopefully to make them stronger and better people in the end.

It seems like every picture I take of him lately he is drool soaked! Tooth #3 is already making it's way in and he is only 5 months tomorrow.

"Please don't forget to pack me also"

We went to the cutest restaurant Sunday morning for brunch and had to laugh at this on the wall :))

How could you not destress while sitting there looking at this view?!!

laughing at mommy

okay, so I hope there is more progress to this 1000 piece puzzle than this! We tried but it was really a brain frying exercising and it was straining me more than I wanted to be! J and V, I am waiting for that picture of completion ;)) You only have 4 more days to go!


Tyggereye said...

You guys look so great! What a fun mini vacation. Ian is getting so big. 3 teeth! Leo has none yet and he's 8 mths. lol
Hope we can get together soon.


angela said...

Thanks Gina! It has been a long time since we have seen you! I saw Amy a few weeks back and she wanted to get together also but summer has been really hectic around here. I can't wait for the routine of school again!