Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful blessed Christmas. I certainly did and we remembered to keep Christ in it and celebrate all the bountiful blessings we have. I am beyond humbled by all that we have and know that I am imperfect and undeserving yet He gives it all to me. I am truly happy this holiday season and blessed above words.

Crazy boys

Going on the Santa Hayride on Christmas eve....a tradition since John was born and now all my kids do it too. They dress up like elves also :)

My normally shy girls lovin on Mrs. Santa Claus

Ian got a walking toy from Granny and he has been trekking all over our house now

There's a lotta cheese gonna on in these 2 pictures

Ian LOVES his new car

Ava modeling her new cool boots, I wish I had some like this!

This toy ended up being the biggest hit....only today I woke up to Madeline screaming in the backyard because she went down the slide in the bilibo and hurt her finger. A band aid fixed it fine but good grief that girl is fearless!

Seaworld on Tuesday.....this was how we waited to see Shamu

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Anonymous said...

Angela, I loved your comment about Stellan..."::::goosebumps::::"...I call them "Holy Spirit bumps"!! Honestly, it's always a "God thing" alert. ("God thing" sounds kinda like trivializing the Lord of the Universe but you probably know what I mean!)

Keep enjoying those beautiful children of yours and cherishing DH!

In Christ, Michal (in case this google thing snatches my password AGAIN!!)