Tuesday, December 2, 2008

who is at fault?

Diluted Formula Nearly Kills Baby

I really don't know whether to feel sorry for the woman or be pissed off at her because I think she knew, she knew. She knew and she got caught. Luckily, many in the Bay area have come forward to donate cans of formula for her. Thank God for that baby.

So, who is at fault here? Is it the hospitals who have tried to reduce their education on formula because they are trying to increase their education of breastfeeding? Is it the pediatrician who should have seen this baby at least 4 times since he was born and seen that the child only weighed 8 lbs at 5 months old? Is it the child's father/grandmother/daycare worker who should have seen how the baby was being fed? Or the mother who most likely knew how to read the directions on the formula or at least heard how to make it from WIC?

I will give props to my local paper for putting this right at the headlines:

•Breast-feeding is the preferred source of liquid nutrition for children in their first year. However, millions of babies use powdered or premixed formulas. Cow's milk is not recommended until age 1, as infant kidneys are unable to process it.

So, because she is claiming stupid, is she free to go on about her business and take her 2 kids home with her to live? This is almost murder/neglect!! I'm sorry but I don't get it!

Just another thing that sucks big balls about this economy....it is making mothers take shortcuts at the risk of killing their babies. So ladies/pregnant mamas/future pregnant mamas, BREASTFEED your babies! Give, give, give, give it all you got....it is so worth it....and it's FREE! God gave you those boobies for something and it is not as a sex symbol, it is to FEED YOUR BABIES!

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