Friday, December 12, 2008

Back from camping

We had a great time, the weather was perfect although a tad windy because we were on the water at a peak. Luckily, the furnace worked perfectly in the camper and we had lots of blankets and hot cocoa(and marsh mellows!) Madeline asked if we could go back again very soon and stay for 10 weeks instead...the girl loves being out in nature! There were 2 great parks to enjoy plus when we left our site, we went down to the beach and did some fishing from the pier. I had made a huge pot of chili that we ate down at the beach and just completely loved being outside.

Our campsite....right on the water

This was the view that we woke up was beautiful.

They loved collecting shells and making forts/castles

"Can someone tell me why I am wearing a pink helmet?!!"

Ian especially loved the playground because he has a certain desire to eat leaves. There were plenty here for him to taste can see he has one in his palm, of course.

Enjoying the breathtaking sunset

A fabulous tree for climbing....and taking pictures of all my boys

Me and my princesses

Squirrel thief...he took it right off our table with the kids all right there! He ate half of it then stowed away the rest up in the palm tree

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Tyggereye said...

What fun! We haven't went camping since I was VERY preggers with Leo. I've been waiting for him to walk well. He is now, so hopefully in Jan. we'll go. I'd like to go to Desoto again or Fort Wilderness. Great pics!