Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So many pictures!

These all uploaded in the reverse order they happened but we are just gonna roll with that....I got no time to fix them!

We went to see Santa at the mall right after school lines, no crowds, we were the only ones there and my little angels are cooperated very nicely! here are a few pictures I might use for our Christmas card this year:

Then Thanksgiving day at John's parents house. Great day for family and I did restrain myself from eating too many cookies! I actually ended up losing a pound this week even after losing almost 4 lbs last week! That puts me at 30.2 pounds gone forever!

Ian having some sweet potatoes (no added stuff, don't worry) These classified as his second try at solids. He enjoyed them but was not liking them all over his face. Just so you know, I do delay solids, we just started last week at 8 months even slightly earlier than I wanted, I wanted to wait until 10 but he was ready. I also don't buy jar foods, only make my own, and I am not into spoon feeding at all! I let the baby feed themselves whenever and how much they want (just like breastfeeding ;P)

My 31st Birthday was the day before thanksgiving! Happy day to me! we celebrated with shrimp dinner at my parents, yum!

My beautiful girls

Johnny getting ready for his Turkey dance at school

Ian and his PopPop at work

Hanging out in the backyard at sunset :)

Ian first official taste of something other than breastmilk! Of course, banana (I don't like to count those few pieces of dog food he has tried on a couple of occasions recently)


Ava still can't keep her hands off of him!

Those eyes make my heart melt

Just look at him....he seeks trouble! J/K, I let him play in the pots and pans

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Tyggereye said...

haha these pictures are great! I love the kids all dressed up. I got Logan and Leo with Santa yesterday. I hope to scan it in and post soon.