Sunday, December 21, 2008

high tea today

All the girls went to the tea room today and had lunch.....scones, chicken salad crossiants, cucumber sandwiches, brownie bites, quiche, and many more high calorie food not good for me to eat the day before my weekly weigh in! It was nice to be with my Granny and aunt since they live in SC and only came down for the weekend. I am my Granny's favorite (and she will tell you that) and I spent a LOT of time with her growing up while my mom was getting a divorced and then single for awhile. Most of my happy childhood memoires are with my Granny and I so wish she lived closer so she could watch my kids grow up...

4 generations of women

Ian has decided this week to forgo his diet of leaves and eat Christmas wrapping paper and boxes....his diapers should prove interesting... his swollen leg has gone down now too so he should be fine :)

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Loved Mommy said...

Ha Ha he is such a cutie! Well if he poops out Santa's you know why!