Friday, December 19, 2008

Week before Christmas

Madeline had her ballet Christmas performance on Wednesday. This was the same place that I danced at until I was 16 years old and my social life became more important for me! Anyway, she has decided that she doesn't want to do ballet anymore for now and wants to do gymnastics like Ava. She is so good at ballet so I know she'll do well in gymnastics too. I am a bit sad because I wanted her to at least have a full scale recital at the Arts center but I am not going to push her either.

After her performance we went to Chick fil a to celebrate Johnny going up 3 levels in reading! he has been struggling in class to read and we have been hard at work trying to get him doing better. Now he kicks ass in math and science but reading and writing are just not his cup of tea. But he is doing better and we will succeed at it!
After dinner, we went to Christmas Lane which is a house and front yard that are beautifully decorated for Christmas. The owner has bought old displays from malls when the malls upgrade to new decorations so this whole yard is over the top! He even has a train that the kids could ride and they look so forward to going. After, they always get hot chocolate too (even though it is in the 70s!)

The kids are all home these next 2 weeks from school so we will have a lot of time to fill! Of course this week will be crazy busy....tomorrow the kids will ride the firetruck with Santa then have a little party with him (neighborhood thing). Sunday, the girls and I along with my mom, Granny, and aunt are going to have tea at high noon. It will be Ava's first time! She is super excited! Then I think on Tuesday as long as nothing else comes up we might head over to Sea World for the day since John will be off. I'll be sure to add pictures as soon as time allows.
Ian and Ava both had their doctor check ups yesterday...Ian is almost 23 lbs and my little peanut is 29 lbs! I think he is going to pass her very quickly in weight! Ian had his first 2 shots at 6 months old so we did 2 more of the same shots yesterday, nothing new....and look at what happened to his leg today:

His whole thigh is hot and swollen and splotchy. I am thinking that because they did it in a different leg than last time that that is why there is a reaction? Not sure but we are keeping an eye on it. Otherwise he is acting normal and using his leg as usual. I did give him motrin to help with the swelling and good grief I hope it helps with his sleeping. He has been up a LOT lately and my poor body is feeling the sleep deprivation. 2 weeks ago I had strep and HAD to go on antibiotics. This week, tonsillitis. My diet is stellar and I work my butt of at the gym 5 days a week so I AM taking care of myself except for the sleep department where I have zero control....this too shall pass, this too shall pass and one day soon enough he will sleep.

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Loved Mommy said...

Beautiful family pictures! Aww hope you get some rest your body needs! HEck at least your diet and exercise area is great! If he sleeps good maybe down some nyquil...he he