Thursday, May 1, 2008

7 weeks

14 lbs 9 oz on Monday. Man, do I love those rolls and his chub....I could just smell him all day long and squeeze him, he is just sweet! He also has on a FCB that I did in a trade and this diaper is pretty awesome! He had a check up for his RSV and she said we could wean off the nebulizer but don't be surprised if it comes back, most of the time, babies who have had RSV are usually the first to get sick again and it go straight to their lungs. Great. At least school is almost over and J and M will stop bringing home all the nasty germs. But then of course there is always Sunday school and the parks :/

This picture is of Johnny at about the same age, maybe a bit older. Ian's hair is a lot lighter but the eyes, nose, and mouth are one in the same. I LOVE my blued eyed babies. He looks like such a blondie here but the hair in the back (his old man hair look) is all dark brown. His eyebrows and eyelashes are very light so he will most likely be blond like Ava now.

My 3 boys in bed. I guess Ian should have had his shirt off too but he does not like to be naked! He shivers and it's not even cold. Plus he is super ticklish!

Another quick smile caught!

There is no school tomorrow so if the weather is good we are going to drive over to Disney and spend the day at the resorts, either Contempory or Polynesian. The kids want to go swimming and play on the beaches and have a relaxing day so we won't go anywhere else but there, just a quick little getaway trip. This next week is going to be pretty busy for the kid's at school and me too going there but school only has a month left. I have been trying to fill our summer calender and so far have 2 trips to Disney and Seaworld planned (4 days each), a week of Vacation Bible School, a few days down at the beach, and 2 weeks of swim lessons for J and M, and M starts ballet at the dance school in July. There are still a couple of other things I want to look into but we'll see. I also just want to sleep in and spend days doing nothing but to stay busy keeps the kids much happier.

I started Weight Watchers last Monday and at my weigh in this Monday I had lost 4 lbs, go me!! I am so motivated to do this because I want to be HOT<> by the end of July for our trip to the beach and our anniversary. I always do well on WW and also knowing that there are no more babies, I can finally lose all the baby weight that has been hanging out. What a great feeling. I keep waiting for the sadness of saying that to set in but the feeling of complete is so there that I am not sad to say no more babies. I am truly done, physically and mentally. I get excited for other people to go through their pregnancies and babies but I have so much to be thankful for and my heart is so full, how could I possibly want/need more. I am so happy with my life in this moment, that I wouldn't change a thing.

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