Thursday, April 24, 2008

6 weeks

sound asleep!! He still seems really congested in his nose but his chest sounds a ton better.The steroid medicine that he took last week was making him not poop. Finally he went massive amounts and felt soooooooo much better!

Anne(Midwife) came today for my 6 week check up. It is always so bittersweet to move out of this kind of relationship but for me today it felt refreshing. To know that I felt complete and beyond my pregnancy times had a very nice hint of satisfaction to it. YAY!!! I am done!! Time to move on and I am excited about this next stage of life. I still have so many feelings of disappointment and confusion that I need to sort through about Ian's birth but at the same time, because I am not going to have another baby, does it really matter? He is beautiful and healthy and what's done is done, enjoy his moment now, not what could have been.

Anne and Ian

This was the best I could do about catching a smile. He was smiling at me, what a wonderful feeling and so rewarding.

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