Thursday, April 10, 2008

4 weeks

The kids were on spring break this week and luckily John closed everynight this week so he has been home during the day. He had off Wed. so we drove over to Orlando and spent the day at SeaWorld. Ian is 4 weeks today and it was funny that for Ava's first trip to Disney World, she was only 4 weeks old too! Since then we have been to DW 7 times and now we have SeaWorld passes too so we will probably be there a lot too. DW is soooooooooo much better though!
It was so hot when we got there but then got overcast so that cooled it off a lot. Here they are minus Ian(who was asleep in the sling) in front of the beer wagon and horses. DOesn't John look so cute toting a Vera Bradley?!!

poor kid doesn't stand a chance with Ava. She is head over heels in love with him and cannot keep her hands off. She gets mad a me for not letting her hold him when he is asleep or eating. She wants to get rid of me and be his mama instead!

4 weeks today. he is getting so close to smiling and I can't wait!

sleeping with daddy under a new blanket Granny made. LOVE the chub rolls on his arms!

We had the kids all baptized at church on Sunday. They did great except when Johnny tried to bolt when it was his turn. He was hiding behind my back when the pastor was trying to do it. I was sweating buckets being so nervous about them and being in front of the church!

Ian in his baptism outfit from our neighbor. Thanks Jamie!

M.'s turn...she closed her eyes and looks like a perfect angel. Sorry about the glare, it's a picture of a picture :)

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