Friday, May 16, 2008

9 weeks

This shirt was one of the first that we got for Johnny as a hand me down. It says D is for Dog and there is a story behind it and why we will always keep it. A couple of weeks before Johnny was born John was admitted into the hospital for stomach bleeding. He had to have all kinds of tests and liquid put into his system and was given a medicine that drugged him but didn't knock him out. He was awake but not really there mentally. He kept saying "D is for dog" over and over again! When he was aware again, he had no clue he was saying it or even anything that had gone on. It has sentimental value to it ;P Anyways, here Ian is now wearing it asleep and you can see his "man" hair. You can see how dark it actually is in the back....

compared to how light it is in the front! I think he is gonna be a blondie because his eyebrows and eyelashes are both really light that you can barely even see them. Plus he has his daddy's (and siblings') blue eyes.

He is always so serious! The only time I can get him to smile is if he is laying on the floor/bed next to me. If I am holding him, he won't even make eye contact!

He had his 2 month well baby check up yesterday and now weighs in at 15 lbs 6 oz and 24 inches long! He is definitely growing very nicely.

This weekend the 3 oldest are going to my parents for the night on Saturday and John, Ian, and I are going on a date! John got tickets for us at Christmas time to see "Larry the Cable Guy" and then we are having dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy Italian-American Dining afterwards. This place is wonderful we just never get a chance to go sans kids. I am really looking forward to time out with just John (and Ian but he doesn't talk so we can actually carry on a conversation together!) Saturday day I think we are all going to go to a winery near us Blueberry Wine - Florida Wine- Keel and Curley Winery. They are having a family day and John and I have been wanting to go there I just didn't want to while I was pregnant (and not able to drink the wine!) Anyways. blueberries rank as my kids favorite food and it is blueberry season here so they should love this.

Weight Watchers is going good...I am now down 8 lbs and am steadily losing. As a nursing mom I am only allowed to lose 1-2 lbs a week which makes for some s-l-o-w weight loss but slower is better as far as keeping the weight off. I can't wait to be skinny again! Every morning I am excited to wake up and know that I am ounces lighter than the day before and I will never be this weight again! I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping again too but it is not that easy to find a good one to hold up my milk makers, they are just huge right now! I am hoping to be able to find a nice one and look good enough in it by the end of July when we always go on vacation for our anniversary (usually the beach or Orlando). Really looking forward to it all!

I signed J and M up for swimming lesson and A is going to take gymnastics over the summer. I am still trying to fill up every week during summer so we all won't go crazy sitting around the house. We will have enough downtime as it is, I just want them to have somethings to look forward to doing instead of sitting around the house.

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