Monday, May 19, 2008


We ended up going to the Blueberry festival even though the day started out raining. It had stopped by the time we got there and actually rained again after we left. It was super hot and humid while we were there! Before we left all the kids got their faces painted and then they went to spend the night with my parents...luckily, my mom had to do the washing off! John and I want to go back another time to do the wine tasting...there were way too many people to do it this day, we couldn't even see the bar, it was just so packed. The kids also played some games, jumped in the bounce houses, ate some yummy food and of course, blueberries!
Madeline :)



All out picking blueberries...the fields were pretty picked over already but the kids still had a great time picking the ones they did. They actually went out to a different farm on Sunday and got a bunch more....yummy!

M showing us how big they were

Ava with her bucket tied around her waist!

My Papa and Ian. We had to leave the fields and go under the shade, it was just too hot out in the sun with him in the sling. Here has has his "Go Green" shirt on!

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