Friday, July 10, 2009

eating Ian

I realize I have been very negligent with the blog lately and besides being busy, I have no other excuse! We have been camping and to the beach a couple of times already and I haven't posted any pictures! Well, we forgot our camera twice and I had to buy 2 disposables and send them away for developing and I still don't have them back!

I do have some great pictures of eating Ian....this kid eats anything! Spinach, beets, hummus, you know, things that kids typically won't touch and he devours! Here are some action eating shots:

John showing him how to get the chips out of the bottom of the bag! You know, useful things daddy must teach his offspring

Oh rib, how I love thee

"Give me back that marshmallow fluff!" I use to live on that stuff in college, on a sandwich with peanut butter, and have never bought it since having kids. Well, we bought it last week and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

eating some(5 pieces!) refreshing watermelon at the 4th of July parade

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Katie said...

OMG, Aubrey is a total "garbage can" too. She will eat any and everything!