Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ian's first ER trip!

Last night the girls stayed at my mom's house and the boys with me. We were to meet them at the YMCA this morning at 9:30 for Ava's gymnastics and Johnny's basketball practice. About 9:00, me and the boys were sitting at the kitchen table getting ready to walk out the door. Johnny and Ian are laughing at each other when Ian loses his balance and falls backwards off the chair. His butt hit the floor first followed by the back of his head. I quickly picked him up and he was off course screaming, I look him over and see nothing and try to calm him down. Within a minute he stopped screaming so I went back to sit down and he puts his head on my chest, his eyes start to flicker and he looks like he is going to sleep. I try to talk him awake but he is sleeping!

Now if you know my boy, he NEVER falls asleep that easily. He usually nurses to sleep or falls asleep in his car seat on a ride. SO for him to just fall asleep sitting up AND at 9:00 in the morning was totally not normal. Johnny and I spend a minute trying to get him awake as I call John to tell him(he was at work) and then John tells me to call the Dr. I call and have to leave a message with the calling service and they will relay the message. Well, it was just taking too long to hear back and Ian still will not wake up. So, I call an ambulance. They arrive within minutes and start to put him on the straight board with the neck brace on. THAT certainly woke him up and then the strap his wrist to his side and strap his legs down and now Ian is just pissed!

They want to take him in for a head scan so off we went. My parents by now were at the house to stay with the kids. Ian screamed bloody murder almost the whole ride to the hospital and then started to drift off again (from sheer exhaustion I'm sure) The paramedic made me wake him up so he was back to screaming some more. He said that him screaming like he was was a good sign but they still err on the side of caution. Him falling asleep like he did could have been from an adreline surge from the fall that just wiped him out.

Once we were in the hospital, luckily they were very speedy and we went directly to a room and saw a Dr. within minutes. John met me there as did both Grandmothers (they can not stand to be left out of anything!) He fell back asleep (still on the board strapped down, poor thing) but the Dr. started to take the stuff off to check him out and Ian woke up then. His responses were good and the Dr. wanted to see him walk around and pick things up, which he did just fine. The Dr. really was against doing a CT scan because he said there is a lot of evidence now that the radiation from repeated scans has been linked to an increase in childhood cancers, so we all felt that one was not necessary, we would just observe him for a bit.

Thank God that everything turned out okay and all day today Ian has been fine. He ate well, never vomitted, and has been running around as crazy as ever/normal! Things could have been a lot scarier and ended a lot worse and I am giving my boy extra lovin today and holding him tighter, ever so thankful that he is fine.


KatieQ said...

How scary! I am glad the little man is ok.

Molly C. said...

Wow! Glad Ian is doing fine. These boys definately give us moms heartattacks. ((((((())))))))