Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not a lot of time tonight but I am trying to be a good blogger and not so neglectful as I have been so I am just adding pictures for now. The last day of school for my 2 oldest is tomorrow so my computer time will be cut even shorter over the summer :( I am going to try and keep us as busy as possible over the summer and if you have been with me since last year, you will know we take a lot of little vacations and trip as much as we can. Busy busy busy is how I like it, I can sleep when my kids move out! I do like to show all of our trips through pictures though so of course I will still be around :)

We made one final trip to the aquarium Sunday as our passes were to expire and we choose not to renew this year. I do wish we could but maybe when school starts back up.

one last look at the eel

2 peas in a treasure box :)

cuties trapped on the pirate ship

going down the water slide

surfer girl
I hope you have a wonderful start to your summer!

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