Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sebastian Inlet-camping trip #4

Our fourth camping trip took us across the state to Sebastian Inlet which is world famous for great waves and an even better chance of being eaten by a shark! The campgrounds were small but somehow we managed to snag the last spot on the water (even as a last minute trip at that) The direction of our site allowed for the best sunsets, a short walk to the Atlantic ocean and a great fishing pier, and a short bike ride to a great park/picnic areas. We did have to get in the car and cross a bridge to get to the little jetty which was a lot safer to swim in than the ocean was. The ocean had a really strong undercurrant and I wouldn't let the kids go in at all.

setting up our site

There were zero waves inside this area. There were a ton of different types of crabs, lots of fish, and manatees! The kids were within feet of several! Out in the canal, we saw a bunch of dolphins jumping in the waves

sorry about the film quality=disposable camera!

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Katie said...

SO cute!! I love camping!!