Monday, July 27, 2009

Beach weekend

Every year John and I and his family go away for the weekend to celebrate his dad's birthday and our anniversary (which are 3 days apart). We use to always go to Disney in the beginning, but slowly graduated to going to the beach. Equal drive time, but being in a condo allows us to cook most meals in and have a ton more room. It has started with us just having Johnny and then between us and John's brother, we seem to have added a kid or two every year to the mix. This year there are 7 grandchildren, my 4 and then his brother has a 5 year old girl and almost 3 year old twins. Needless to say, this year was very LOUD in the condo with all tile floors and thin walls! Thank goodness our clan was in another condo in a different building! It was a great beach weekend with a ton of swimming, too much sand, and thankfully, no sunburns!

Madeline, Lauren, Sara holding Ryan, Ava, Dave, Ian, Johnny, Grandma holding Nick





The girls' hair was pretty gross from all the swimming in the beach and pool! madeline had the start of some dreads!

We always go down to John's Pass for ice cream! I wish we would have taken our glasses off!


Katie said...

Hehe, I love the Gymboree outfit Johnny has on! RJ has the same one :) Looks like a great time was had by all. Ian has gotten so big :D

Gina said...

Thanks Angela. I know we have to get together soon. The boys would have a blast together. I'm doing good.

My new blog is what I'm signing the note on here with.