Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls skate

During the summer (wish I would have known about it at the beginning of the summer!) the skating rink does tiny tots under age 6. They mostly play disney music which was pretty cool. The girls had a blast but man oh man were my arms sore from trying to hold them both up! Luckily, after the first half, they both wanted to go out on their own. Madeline did pretty well on the wood floor but still fell quite a bit. That girl refuses to ever give up so she just hopped right back up and kept going. Ava felt better going on the outside of the rink where it was all carpeted.

John's brother was nice enough to help me out with Ava. This was when we first got there and she couldn't keep her feet still!

Ava doing much better after she stayed on the carpet.

Madeline was so intent on doing it!

Madeline, cousin Lauren, cousin in law Taylor, Ava

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