Monday, March 2, 2009

Extreme Breastfeeding

Okay so it's articles like this one that give breastfeeding a bad rap....the average person who clicks on this link on aol's homepage will be disgusted Breastfeeding - How Long is Too Long? - ParentDish....I am an avid pro- breastfeeder and plan to spend a lot of my adulthood in the education and support of breastfeeding (as an RN/IBCLC)...BUT even I could not breastfeed one of my children to age 5,6,7. I do support and stand by these woman and know several who do bf past toddlerhood, just not me.

Anyways, I digress.....It is stories like these that make others see breastfeeding moms as weird and extreme and selfish and harming to their offspring. And's cool to click on the link with all the celebrities' pictures who also breastfed, that needs to be more out there to make it more normal and standard. But good grief could they please give another reason they chose to nurse besides WEIGHT LOSS!!


Claire said...

I loved the comment where someone said "Bottle feeding is the only way a baby can get all the nutrients it needs, because if mom doesnt eat carrots & sneaks in chocolate, that will hurt the baby"

It scares me sometimes that *just anyone* can actually have children..

KatieQ said...

You know, I never thought I would be an extended BF'ing mama. I am though, almost 15 months later she is still going and I do NOT, will NOT feel strange about it. I agree there need to be more benefits than weight loss listed (especially since not everyone loses weight- mainly me!). PLease keep posting/speaking/educating!!