Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How did I forget month11??

Well....I didn't really forget it because Ian ALWAYS wakes up more during the night on his month birthday! How does he know I wonder? He was born after 5 in the morning after over 26 hours of labor and it's like his body just knows, remembers it so he has to relive it by waking constantly!

Anyways, how has he changed in this last month.....he is walking a lot more and is more stable doing so with less falls. He has learned how to climb up a ladder that is attached to a sidecar bed in our room and if you can not find him in our house, go to my room and he will be sitting in the middle of my bed!
I taught him tonight how to turn around and slide off to get down, we'll see if he can remember that! He loves to dance now to music, has starting pointing his finger at things and "tell" you about them, really seems as if he is talking to you too (just in his own one worded language, baa baa abaa), he eats like crazy also, it seems as if we have a new puppy because he is always begging for food! He is willing to try anything and so far his favorites are tofu, squash of any variety, avocado, bread, peas, tomatoes, apples, and bananas. He is very active, always in non stop motion and very curious about the world around him. Everything still goes into his mouth thus he has to be constantly watched.

He has some little curls that are sprouting up in the back. Both the girls had a lot of curls until their hair got real long and their hair completely straightened out. Ian hair is not growing very fast at all so I think it will be awhile before we are talking about cutting it.
Well, baseball season in little league has begun and I have now become a slave to it's schedule. Not too bad this season because Ian is walking so he can run around the park instead of having to be held the whole time. John will most likely be working for most games but thank goodness my parents usually like to come and help me out. Johnny is so excited this year and can't wait everyday to improve it all!
The girls are both in the same gymnastics class for now because enrollment was low so they combined the ages. They both really like it and it's great too because I can put Ian in the nursery and get in a quick workout at the same time.
Weight Watchers is going better. I did start my period so of course my weight went down just like I thought it would! It is just so hard to see past that hill when you are sitting in the valley. I am actually for the first time in 8 years looking forward to buying a bathing suit! No two pieces for me though, only tankinis, the kids left some nice love marks on my belly. I can't wait for the sun and the beach and swimming lessons and vacations!

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Holly said...

What a little cutie! I love his curly hair at the back! :)