Thursday, February 5, 2009

Addicted to exercise??

Is there such a thing, does anyone know? I HAVE to exercise everyday now! I make it most mornings to the gym and if I can't due to a sick kid/appt/nap issues, then I do an exercise dvd at home. I told John yesterday that my goal was for my legs to physically hurt everyday or I feel as if I haven't done enough. On Monday, because I had an "okay" weigh in at Weight watchers, I went to the gym twice. Today, because I ate too many chips during the kids' nap time, I went to the gym twice.

I am almost afraid that I think I can eat anything as long as I exercise and I know that is NOT the case. Last week at WW, I was up 2 lbs so this week I figured I would have lost it but I only lost 1.8 lbs. Come on!! I only have 10-12 more lbs to lose and this torture of the fluctuations is driving me crazy literally. All I can think about these past couple of weeks is my weight, almost obsessively. And I do eat soooooo healthfully....but when I want a treat, chocolate, chips, peanut butter, etc., I feel I should be able to indulge. But the second I do eat it, my weight goes up.

Another issue is my damn period (or lack of). After the birth of my first 3, it would come back between 9-12 months and be regular at 26 days, no fail. Now, I have had 3 periods with 35 days and counting going on. That makes for a hell of a long PMS!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! I feel myself going crazy inside my head and the moodiness is out of control, I just want to sit in a dark quiet room until the flood gates open and I can feel normal again. Of course this is also where the weight issues come on because I always hold/gain weight in the week before. SO you see my issues??

SO I work out like get the adrenaline high and to get sweaty and so someone else can watch my kids for an hour and to be around other adults probably having the same issues as me and so I can eat that damn chocolate! I am so close to my goal yet feel so very far away. WHY do the last 10 lbs have to be the hardest?? I should be on a role and they should just fall off!

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Tyggereye said...

I've been on WW for the last 7 mths and been obsessing. lol. I've lost 53lbs so far and have more to go. I'm afraid when I get to those last 10 I'll have the same problem. I hope you get over the hump.