Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick week

We had Ian's first birthday party last weekend and went strawberry pickin this week....Ian has had a very rough week with his 2 bottom molars coming in. He has been feverish, fussy, and almost as needy as a newborn again (minus the sleeping....he has been up a LOT) He refuses to let me put him down and his screaming has left me headache filled for most of this week. He hasn't been eating food (probably because it hurts) so his nursing has increased too (day AND night!) Ugh, please come in soon teeth?!!

He was grabbing them right off the plant and shoving them in his mouth!

It was a beautiful day

He had red juice dripping down to his elbows by the time we were done!

His very first taste of cake and my first child who LOVED it!
Tomorrow we are headed to Disney for 3 days!!! We haven't been to stay in Orlando since last July and haven't been to the Magic Kingdom in a year, gasp! I think I am more excited than any of the kids, I can hardly contain my jumping!! Lots of pictures when I get back, it will be Ian's first trip to the Magic Kingdom (He was in my belly last time we went) Hopefully the weather will be perfect, the kids happy, and the crowds small :)

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