Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what takes 30 minutes

It should take about 4 minutes to empty my dishwasher. I do it everyday (and HATE it) but get it done as quickly as possible to move on about my day. I like a clean kitchen....even if the rest of the house is a disaster, at least my kitchen is clean and my sink and countertops are empty.

Today while doing the dirty, Ian finally reached the dog/cat's water dish faster than me. He has been improving his speed everyday to get to it and you can even see how he takes off faster as he gets closer. Well, he dumped it(of course) and started patting it and playing. Luckily, the food dish was empty because he has tried that out as his first solid a couple of times already.

Easy enough....change him into dry clothes and diaper, carry on with the dishes as I leave him by the back door watching the 3 other whittles playing in the back yard. I kid you not, within 15 seconds of me leaving him, he darted across the livingroom towards the front door and I heard the sound of Ava's potty being flipped over (her plastic potty is by the front door because the kids' bathroom is dark, she can't reach the light yet, we hardly use the front door, and she likes how small her potty is anyways). The worst part about that sound was that she had just used it and had "poop in her heiny butt". UGH @@@@@ I got to him before he could grab hold of one of the, you know, pieces, but he was playing in a pee puddle. And of course nosey dog and cat both come to see what is going on and both have to sniff everything out, gross!

Needless to say, after a scrub down and floor clean up, it took me way to long to empty that dishwasher. Man, these boys are trouble. Ava and Madeline never cared about stuff like this, never put everything into their mouth and with Johnny I could watch him every minute because I had nothing else to do! There were no little toys at every corner of the house waiting to choke a baby, no dog to eat his food, no other kids to chase after. This IAN is hard work!

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