Friday, November 14, 2008

My sweet little 3 year old

Ava was my latest baby, somewhere between 6 and 9 days late. At the time, she was my longest labor, but also the easiest pregnancy and the most peaceful, actually enjoyable birth. If I could have had all my pregnancies and births go as hers, I would have 10 more kids! J/K! I literally went to the chiropractor and had a prenatal massage at least twice a week and was just always so happy, happy to be pregnant and nurtured and loved. I was in such a good place while pregnant with her.

Her birth was the one I had been seeking as a healing to my previous ones...hers was story book perfect. Her labor was 17 hours with only one push for her little body to be born, all 9 lbs 9oz of her. She was a surprise girl too! We did not find out the gender but we were both so sure we were having a boy. I was so shocked when I looked between her legs that I had to look again and everyone in the room laughed! She was welcomed into this world surrounded by our family and her big brother Johnny released her from my body as he cut her "rope".

Even though I did feel complete after having her, God spoke to me shortly after her birth and told me not to be done, that He had one more in store for me and that it would be a boy.

Ava was the baby who I just knew I was born to have. I had such an intense connection with her that I could sense her and only felt full and complete with her in my arms. It was like the moment I picked her up, I just knew I was whole. I really don' t know why it took my 3rd baby to feel that way but I am pretty sure it was the mind body soul connection that fully went into her pregnancy and birth. It was such a spiritual awakening that I finally felt alive

She has always been the happiest baby/girl and so easy going and easy to get along with. She rolls with the punches and takes everything in stride. She is every one's friend and never meets a stranger. It is so refreshing to have her after my first two were painfully shy introverts. She longs to be around people and involved in every activity. She is super smart but sometimes seems to lack basic commonsense! I tell John she has a lot of blond moments!

She is the one who looks the most like daddy and I see absolutely none of myself in her, nothing at all! She is so much smaller than the other two hence why she is called peanut! She is just gonna be a little petite blond thing! Look out boys, daddy knows how to shoot a gun!

Happy Birthday my sweet little peanut, my life is so much happier with you a part of it and you make me happy and strive to do better as a mom. You show me the positive in life and teach me more than you could ever know.

Keep on smiling peanut

note: sorry about the quality of the first pictures, they were scanned....and the dates on the last 3 photos are wrong, they were taken on 11/14/08


Tyggereye said...

Ahh Happy Birthday Ava! She's getting so big!

Loved Mommy said...

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jamie. I just spent the past hour reading your whole blog! I love it. Your births were amazing! I am going to add you to my blogs I follow cause I simply love your writing. Your family is perfect!!!

angela said...

ahhh, thanks! what a kind compliment!