Saturday, November 1, 2008

My firstborn.... turns 7. Seven years ago right now I was in a wretched induction for a baby that would be too big for my body if I carried him to term for 9 more days. Ha, ha.....his brother just born 7 months ago weighed almost 3 more pounds than he!

Johnny's birth changed me in more than one way....he made me a mother, he made me scared of watching the news for the first time for the effects of the world would have on him, he made me question doctors, he made me question why things were standard, he made me realize that babies do want to sleep with their mama when I was dead set against it, he made me fight for my and his right to breastfeed, he made me tired yet running toward the future, he made me realize that I was born to be a mother and I would do this again and again and again, he brought me and John to a closer level a lot faster than most couples, he made us strong, a family for the first time.

I owe so much to him for everything he has taught me, his siblings owe so much to him for the path he has created, for the births they have had, the better outcomes all of us have experienced, the joy we have witnessed. Seven years, man.

Johnny is so smart, so caring, the follower of all rules, the standard for safety, the protector of his siblings....his outbursts are loud and fast yet over quickly, his heart is so pure, good. His head is into all sports but his newfound love of baseball runs very deep inside him. He is all about fairness and some might call him the tattletell! He feels very deeply for others and their pain and their hurt. He is an honest person and an easy child to talk to with understanding.

He was THE hardest baby but has turned into the easiest child. Thank you Johnny for all that you have given me and our family and happy birthday baby boo.

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