Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bippidy Boppity Boutique

I love Disney more than just about anything besides my family. We go ALL THE TIME! Nice to live so close by and get great discounts! Anyways, I have breeded that love into my children and now they ask me at least once a week when we are going back. The best I can do in these tough economic times is take them to Downtown Disney where they still enjoy all the sites, stores, and restaurants. Disney is just so magical and it gets into your blood I think!

Last year madeline went to Bippidy Boppity Boutique where they dress you up with hair, make up, nails etc to be a princess. They give you quite the royal treatment too. Anyways Madeline went there to celebrate her friend's birthday and talked non stop about it since. Ava has been wanting to do it too but you have to be three. SO, what do you think she got for her birthday? A whole day as a princess!

The grand entrance to the most decked out princess store EVER!

"Before" photo
Madeline getting her hair brushed. The poor "Fairy Godmother" had to have cringed when she saw how long Madeline's hair was!

Ava almost ready. She sat perfectly still for the whole thing!
Since it was her birthday, Ava got a special call from the real Fairy Godmother who also sang her Happy Birthday over the phone....Ava was just in awe

My 2 princesses after....they were the hottest stuff on this coast! You could just see the pride in themselves as they walked through Disney, how everyone looked at them and made comments....I hope they remember this day because I always will

John made Ava's cake and she LOVED it! He did a great job, thanks!

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Loved Mommy said...

I so would have loved going to Disney like that for my birthday. How awesome you live so close! Your kids are so dang cute. Looks like you guys had fun! I am loving your posts keep em coming!