Sunday, March 2, 2008

39 weeks

for some reason the rest of my belly shots are at the end of the post. just scroll down to see.

Anne, my MW is the one in the background. A. always has to check me and baby boy out each week that Anne comes. Here she was checking the heartbeat.

A. was checking the blood pressure of my and while Anne did my arm! A. loves all my check ups and has her own kit to do it all. Anne always let her help measure and put the goo on the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. I wanted John to get those pictures too but maybe next week.

Here you can see all the new stretch marks that have appeared in the last week. Every baby leaves there mark in a different place and baby boy has decided that my upper belly was in need of some. They itch so bad and when I scratch them, I leave them all red and raised even more. I feel like I could scratch my skin right off and I would be okay with that!

What do you think...about 9 or 10 lbs? That's what I am thinking! A. was 9.9, M. was 9.12, J. was 8.13 but he was induce 9 days early so he def. would have been closer to 10 lbs. I am hoping I break that 10 lb mark just to make everyone's eyes bug out when I tell them...I am all for shocking! I have carried each one differently also so it's hard to tell. I LOVE my belly :)

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