Friday, August 31, 2007

Whew! I never want to live through tomorrow ever again. It was the most stressful emotional day that I have had in a long time.

First off, baby is fine, kicking, heart beating perfectly growing little peanut. MIL was gonna watch A. for me and go get M. from preschool. A. ran a fever all through the night and even at 11 in the morning, she still hadn't gotten out of bed. SO I go to Tower early to fill out paperwork and start drinking a full bottle of water so my bladder would be full. They keep calling up saying that the referral I had from the MW wasn't adequate enough, they needed a script with a Dr. signature @@ Anyways, this put me waiting an extra 30 minutes WITH a full bladder while they figured it out. The woman was very sweet about it and did everything she could and I even made a point to thank her on my way out after the sono. This whole time I was so emotional and crying in the waiting room by myself trying to hold it together....I so desperately needed to see the baby and with the possibility they weren't gonna let me, I just lost it. I needed John so badly but he had to work :(

I tell the tech I definitely had a full bladder and she said I really didn't need to at 12 weeks....she took a quick look and told me to go to the bathroom. I still had no idea if the baby was okay, her face told me nothing and I was terrified to ask, I just wanted to see but I was behind the screen. So I get back on the table and for a full 5 minutes she tells me nothing. I am back to crying when finally she says she was trying to get a solid heartbeat reading but the baby wouldn't stop moving around enough to get it long enough! I just laughed I was so relieved to her that! She then turns the screen and that little guy was all over the place, kicking, stretching, flipping and with a perfectly beating heart and tiny toes and a perfect spine and a stomach! It was by far one of the most beautiful images to my eyes! We watched for awhile, she takes pictures and measures the heart rate and all is perfect. She printed out 2 pictures for me and I can't stop staring at them.

Well, M. had her yearly at 2:30 and I made A. an appt at the same time to get looked at. Turns out both girls have a double ear infection and A. has strep throat just like her brother. How the heck do all 3 of my kids have ear infections?? Anyways, now all 3 are on antibiotics at the same time, that's a first. I don't think A. has ever even been on antibiotics. Of course this comes on right when she just weaned @@ Plus walmart had me wait forever for them and then tried to charge me full price...they didn't have my insurance info, which I wrongly assumed they did. Gave it to them and the price was $100 less, big difference.

Before this I get a call from J.'s school saying he had an accident and peed his pants during nap time. She said he was crying and really upset but they got him new clothes and were still going to send him home on the bus. Poor thing was so embarrassed.

We ordered pizza take out last night from a place that was doing a spirit night so I didn't have to cook, good thing but I still went to bed with a headache and woke up with it again.

John got a new job offer today that he is going to take. Changing jobs is so stressful but it is a good move for him. Same pay but potential is a lot higher than where he is now.

Me and the girls just went outside to feed the sandhill cranes some was the mommy, daddy, and baby which made M just so happy that the whole family was together!

Well, thunderstorm is coming in quickly so I need off the computer. Today is definately a good day.

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