Saturday, August 18, 2007

10 weeks now and my icky feeling is easing up a bit. We finally told our parents and mine were thrilled, John's were stunned and it took them a couple of days to say anything nice about it which we expected, it just sucks knowing that's their first reaction. Oh well, its done, time to move on.

J starts kindergarden in 2 days!!!! where is my baby?!! We met his teacher the other day and she seems great and his room is huge. He sat and played for a bit and tried to get comfortable with his surroundings. John took him on his first day of preschool and then came home and cried, only one of the few times I have ever seen him he wants to take him to K and I think the same might happen.

M starts on Wednesday and she will have the same preschool teacher J had last year. She is excited and I think she will do a lot better this year then last. Her birthday is next week and we are having a puppy party next Sunday for all our family and a few of her friends. We are renting a moon walk water slide since it is still so insanely hot. She went today to pick out her cake and grandma is buying some decorations are we speak!

Well, we are having a busy week with school, a couple of doctor appt, we are gonna try to sell John's truck and get him something different, read cheaper with better epg. I have to prepare for M's party, Grandma's surprise party on Saturday, my Granny coming into town, clean the house for all of the above, ugh I am exhausted all ready. So, it might be until next week that I update.

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