Wednesday, August 29, 2007

12 weeks today and the MW came to my house for my prenatal check. Everything is good except she couldn't find the heartbeat. I almost expected it. When I was pregnant with A, it took the MW a long time to locate it even all the way up into my 20-something weeks. Plus, when she did my initial exa, 3 weeks ago she said my uterus is tilted back which could prevent hearing it. BUT I still was excited to hear it I am just worried and putting worst case scenarios in my head. I have a bad habit of doing that with what ifs.

She asked my if I wanted to wait until later or get an ultrasound to see the baby. Well, what would you want to do?? Of course I want to see a heart beating and feeting kicking and arms flailing so she found a place that does them around here and I am going in the morning. Luckily John's mom said she would keep A and pick up M from school and John is going to go in late to work to go with me, thank goodness.

J has an ear infection and strep throat. He started a fever on Sat. night at Bonnie's bday party, ran a fever all day Sunday during M's bday party so we took him monday to the dr. I am hoping and praying the girls stay healthy and so far so good after 5 days. He is on antibiotics now, ugh, and we both hate that!

John is job searching again which always makes me so nervous. He has it so good now but is unhappy so I can't blame him but he has so much to lose with him writing his own schedule, good benefits, good hours, etc but he is the one who has to do it everyday so of course I want him happy.

I'll let you know how my sono goes....

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