Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 10 months Bugga Bugga

My littlest man is 10 months old this morning! Life has brought so many changes for us since his arrival and the world has become a turbulent place. But our faith and our hearts remain strong and our home has become happier and brighter since he joined us. I love this little guy and he makes me proud to be his mama.

The ears, definitely from his mama, sorry about that bugga!

The contagious smile that can lighten a room, the bashful look when strangers speak, the fuzzy blond hair with specks of gold, the adoring eyes of his siblings

The little lips that I love to kiss, the milk breath that I love to inhale and warm my heart with, the furrowed brow that most certainly belongs to Daddy

The little pudgy hands that love to stick in my mouth as I nurse him, that love to pick up dog food and try to eat before being discovered, that crawl at a ferocious pace to get outside in the grass, that love to pull the tail of the cat, and hug on his brother and sisters.

And the chubby feet that are so close to walking, that wouldn't fit into the bottoms of his new jammies because they were too big (feet had to be cut out of PJs!), that one day will walk across the graduation line, walk his new bride down the hall, walk his newborn across the threshold of it's new home....but for now, these are all mine and I will kiss them everyday and smell the wonders of baby feet that will disappear too quickly

note: the date was incorrect on my camera, these were taken 1/13/09


Tyggereye said...

Aww happy 10 mths! He's so adorable. I love that little outfit. I always end up getting husky stuff cause of our two huskies.

angela said...

Thanks Gina....his outfit says "I Drool" under the huskey too!