Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dad gets all the fun this week!

This was definately the week that John got all the fun! That's what happens when you have a nursing baby and 2 girls who care nothing about football!
We live in Tampa where you may/may not know the S*uperBowl will be here on Sunday. They have the NFL experience set up this past weekend and next to see all things football and meet players and do challenges.

John and Johnny had a wonderful day out enjoying the perfect weather and of course, football!

They did a challenge together
Sorry, I have no idea who this is but they got his autograph!

And then the fun continues as he got to go on a field trip with Madeline to the zoo. Again, another perfect weather day

This is an actual turtle swimming by....I didn't think it looked real either

Maybe this week can be mine?!! I'll let you know ;P

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Jeremy said...

Great Camera man on the NFL Experience photos