Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have come to a great new place in the department of "taking care of myself"....number 1. I put my scale away and I no longer weigh myself! It was mentally torturing me every-single-day and I was completely tired with having those 3 numbers control my day, my emotionally stability, my happiness (or lack there of). I don't need to know what I weigh everyday or at all actually because you know what, I does NOT matter. I wear the same clothes every week so I know to use that as my guide instead.

What matters is that I take care of myself. I exercise most days of the week and I let life's interruptions NOT throw me off track. If I only make it to the gyms 2 days in one week because I had to help out at the kids' schools or we had an appt. then so week I'll be back at the gym. I lift weights to make myself stronger and keep my bones and heart healthy. I do cardio because it is good for my spirits and my blood pressure/pulse. I walk the dog to get us both out of the house. I have learned to not be in pursuit of the perfect body, I just want health.

I have decided to end any eating of processed or "fake" food. No more artificial anything. I am in the second week and my body feels great my mind feels unclogged. I have told myself to only eat what God has made and stay away from science created foods. Now getting my kids onto this line of thinking will be the hardest especially for Johnny who is pretty selective/limited about what he wants and Madeline who loves her flavored yogurt and Ava who loves her Jif peanut butter. Luckily, they all love fresh fruits and veggies, it is just getting rid of granola bars, and canned clam chowder and such.

The great book that I am currently reading is In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (9780143114963): Michael Pollan: Books and his main point is to Eat food (real whole food), not too much, mostly plants and I will say this has been a lot easier to do than what I thought it would be. I am telling you, my mind feels great, at peace, in control. I am excited to be on this path to better health, not worrying a lower weight!


Tyggereye said...

Food is hard. I'm struggling back and forth still. I'm glad you found something that makes you happy. Heck I even read an article on yahoo yesterday that said its sometimes good to be 10 lbs overweight because you are less likely to get osteoporosis and things when you are older.

I sent out your card yesterday so you'll probably get them today. Thank you so much! I included two envelopes with one of them so you could choose which you like.

Talk to you soon!


Tyggereye said...

ryn: I go to Lighthouse ministries thrift on 60 and The big Goodwill on 60. Those are my two fav around here. Goodwill is a bit more expensive but has amazing name brand clothes for like pennies compared to what they were originally. Books and other things I like from lighthouse.