Thursday, February 18, 2010

A time for pictures

All weight loss and blood work and all boring seriousness aside, it is time for some updated pictures! Besides, losing weight sucks when you only have a few pounds to go and it takes a year and your still in the same spot for NO apparent reason, geez. Yeah, a little bitter.

Anyways, my parents use to live about 30 minutes away and now they live 3 minutes away, hooray! These first 3 pictures were at their last house on our last visit there.

Madeline inherited this plant, you know because my mom was trying to get stuff out of her house and since we have a smallish house with 6 people and 2 animals, we have all the room in the world for such nonsense. I am this close <> to throwing that thing out (as soon as Madeline is not looking)
Johnny can never take a serious picture, must be the age, hence why I never any to post of him!

Ian was stuffing his face with a cuban sitting on his favorite ride, John Deere

Melt my heart, this boy idolizes his daddy

Ava's preschool class party for Valentine's day....a rare photo of me :)


Ava's best friend, Evan. Oh how I hope they marry one day


Katie said...

Lovely pics Angela. Glad to "See" you again.

Tyggereye said...

These are great pics. I wish Leo would eat sandwiches!! Leo won't still. Drives me crazy. Its like if Logan likes something Leo doesn't. Ian is adorable. We have to get the boys together sometime soon!