Saturday, September 12, 2009


The end of summer left the kids anxious to see their friends at school again and left me very excited to have my work load cut down by not having to entertain them ALL DAY LONG! Johnny and Madeline started on Tuesday and then Ava started school on Wednesday. She has been waiting so long for school and was so giddy with excitement, she couldn't stand it!

And you can never leave Ian out of anything! He has to be a part

Although he was pretty tired of pictures by this point! All that standing still had him frustrated

Madeline started first grade

And Johnny started second grade

And then Ava started preschool

And for some reason, Ian has become fascinated with water....wanting to play with it so bad, he jumped in as I turned around to get towels!

And our $5 purchase at a garage sale has worked out great for the girls to play in.....if I could only keep Ian OUT of it!

Madeline has now embarked on being 6 years old and since she has an obsession with dogs, she once again had a puppy themed party, the first one she had when she turned 4. This is the cake she picked out and my creative hubby made it!

We had a great birthday party for her at Lithia Springs, all the kids could cool off in the frigid waters while the adults sat under the canopy of trees enjoying soda and sandwiches.

Her most favorite present, a new pair of roller skates. She has become a skating fool and they are on her feet the entire time she is at home! We have been to the skating rink a few times and she has done so well and learned so quick! It is great to have finally found something she she likes doing!

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