Monday, May 11, 2009

It's been too long

Since I've posted! I had a great Mother's day yesterday as I hope you all did too. I did have to make my own dinner (and for my in laws) since John was working and I had the kids the entire day by myself but it ended on a good note with lots of wonderful things. The kids made me the sweetest pictures and cards that I will treasure forever, John got me some much appreciated and loved presents, and even both moms got me gift certificates, one for clothes, another for a facial/eyebrows!

As for me, things have been fine. My weight loss seems to have come to a stand still even though my working out hasn't changed. I need to up my strength training more I know but this end of weight loss is sooooo dreadfully slow and painful! Oh well, I keep trucking along, it's got to come off eventually! (all thought most likely when I'm not nursing anymore! Those last 5 are just holding on to make sure that baby is fed!!)

John was sick with strep throat this past week so it was almost like I was a single parent, he didn't get out of bed for 4 days. Thank God none of us got sick, that stuff is nasty! Now he is working on an 8 day stretch until his next day, ugh. Must keep going, must keep going...

We went to the mall today so I could spend one of my cards and the 2 youngest love the playgrounds. Here is Ava

and Ian getting ready to jump from one of the toys. He is a climbing, jumping fool these days! He has learned how to push his toys over to the coffee table and he gets up there, climbs on the play set now, jumps from the sandbox, and I am just waiting to see him on top of the kitchen table, I know that is next. He LOVES to play outside with the other kids and waits by the door like a puppy trying to get outside. He is a constant mess too usually getting 2 baths a day! He LOVES to eat anything and wears all his food all over his body and head! I don't remember Johnny ever being this active and busy and the girls most certainly were not either. This kid keeps me going and chasing him constantly!

Johnny only has one more baseball game until the season is done. This was on Saturday at a luncheon where all the kids got trophies with their name engraved on them.

John and I got out kid free to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends. Lots of laughs and fun and waaaayyy too many margaritas!

Ian got a slip n slide in his Easter basket and they finally got to enjoy it. Can't say the other kids like him playing in it because he likes to just stand at the end where the water pools and the others can't slide! It is definitely beach weather and we have already been 3 times in the last month with another trip overnight possibly next week. We have even started saving money for a cruise in either September or October! I have never been on one nor have the kids so we are greatly looking forward to it

And what is sweeter than this?!! All my blue eyed, blond headed babies! Wow, am I blessed

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