Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow on Spring Break

We hiked to the top of Stone Mountain!!! Even my 3 year old peanut made it up all by herself all the way up! It was a beautiful hike but man oh man was it steep near the top. Thankfully they had install guardrails for help. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life (yeah, I didn't have an adventure packed childhood!!)Ian slept the entire hike in the ergo on John's back....I had to carry all the jackets and backpack :)

Yeah, it snowed! The first time I have ever seen snow! It was actually colder the day before when it was blistery windy. So, no swimming or flip flops on this spring break. Being from Florida, we just don't have clothes for that kind of weather. One night we had to stay in a friend's place because of tornado warnings in the area (an RV is not where we wanted to be) so luckily I got to do some laundry and we just layered up everyday.

The mountain itself was beautiful. It was really windy at the top too. We took the sky lift a couple of times past the carvings. We did all the attractions in the park and watched the laser light show one night.

Our campsite was facing a lake with Stone Mountain in the background....ahhhh, I could've stared at that view and never get tired of it. Unfortunately, I started out the trip really sick and we found ourselves at a doctor's office on Sunday where I got some medicine. Add that to the fact it was a record high pollen count, snow and super crazy cold, and John and I could not call this a vacation but rather a trip. There was just zero relaxing the whole time.

We went into Atlanta on one day to visit the Coke factory and play in the awesome parks in downtown. We even went to the 72nd floor of the Westin to view the skyline of the beautiful city. It was rainy and overcast and hard to see too far but still pretty cool.
All in all, we were very glad to be home after so much time in a vehicle and in cramped quarters with so many bodies! It was a tiring trip but I am so glad I finally saw snow and hiked that amazing mountain. I am happy to live in Florida!!

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Tyggereye said...

What a fun looking trip! Hope your heater in the camper was working good. brr!! :)

Great pics!!